Ludum Dare 18: The Story So Far

Blog Post

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you'll already know I'm taking part in the Ludum Dare 48-hour game development competition this weekend.

My game idea is a basic top-down shooter, with different enemies having different effects on the enviroment when they are shot. The player has a very limited ammo supply, so use of these effects is vital to survive. The player can also lure enemies into colliding with one another to kill them.

It's the start of sunny day 2 with 16 hours to go, so here's a sitrep...

  • Particle system is up and running
  • Player movement working
  • Enemy spawning working

Now I just need to add the ability to shoot, collision detection for the enemies and the various environmental hazards... I'd better get to work!

More news to come throughout the day.