davecheesefish Games: Reloaded

Blog Post

A new URL, new site, new design, new games and finally a new blog post! This officially marks the start of davecheesefish Games v3.0, with more updates, more games, more interaction and much less website breakage!

The new site is still settling down and some games haven't been uploaded to the new system yet, but they'll appear over the next few days. In the meantime, why not follow me on Twitter, like davecheesefish Games on Facebook, sign up for updates via email or add the blog to your favourite feed reader?

Finally, I went to the last EToo London live show on Thursday night. I'll post more details when they've finished editing the highlights, but it was a great evening and I'll definitely have to make an effort to get down there to see all the games in the daytime show next time (hoping there is a "next time")!

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