Bellis Perennis

About This Game

Bellis Perennis is a simple game where you must keep a small ecosystem of flowers alive and healthy while keeping weeds at bay and finding the best soil.

You control a small gusty breeze which will blow the seeds away from your cursor. Battle against the ever-changing wind to keep the flower seeds on the screen until they plant, and get the weed seeds away before they can grow and kill your plants. Use bigger flowers to overshadow and kill the weeds, but not too many as they will take up valuable planting space for your original point-scoring flowers.

Bellis Perennis was created for the 2009 X48 Microsoft XNA GameCamp in just 27 hours! The theme for the event was provided by Channel 4 Education and, inspired by Charles Darwin's bicentennial, was evolution. We went for the sub-theme of natural selection as the base for our game, and after a sleep-deprived night we ended up with the prize-winning game you see today!

For more details on the X48 event, see the dcf Games Blog, the X48 GameCamp blog and the Media module on this page for lots more links.

Bellis Perennis was created by Team Reddy 4 Anything/Team Newport: David Prior (myself, programming); Paul Seaman (programming); Alice Rendell (production, research and audio) and Debbie Stephens (art lead).