The Global Game Jam Game Jam Boat Game


Sorry, this game is not currently available.

About This Game

Created for the 2010 Global Game Jam by the remaining team members from last year's Team 4 (The Global Game Jam Game Jam Game!) and Team FAIL (Lag) plus one, the Global Game Jam Game Jam Boat Game pits you against the sea to collect life rings amid a hazardous minefield.

Protect your fellow argonauts around the world and warn them of possible dangers, or decieve them to keep them away from the leaderboard! All voting and scores are uploaded to the web to ensure everyone around the world gets the same information, and makes use of Games for Windows live to record inidividual players' progress.

My personal involvement in this game project was mainly focussed on producing server-side and client-side code to upload and download data from the online web server, and incorporate the Games for Windows Live APIs into the game.

Production team: David Prior (myself - Network Programming, Concept); Matthew Simmons (Gameplay Programming); Chris O'Donovan (Audio and GUI), and Martyn Poole (Game Art).