About This Game

Lag is Team FAIL's (made up of myself and Matthew Simmons) entry to the Global Game Jam 2009! This game was made in less than 46 hours, given only three cryptic constraints as a brief:

  • The game should be related to the phrase "As long as we have each other, we shall never run out of problems"
  • A game should last no longer than 5 minutes
  • The game should be related to one of the words "growth", "rushed" or "in between"

Use the arrow keys to move your green character around to collect the packages and avoid the enemies! Bonus points are awarded for collecting packages with your little blue buddy, but hit too many enemies and he'll start to lag behind your movements... making collection and avoidance much more difficult. Add to this the growth of your main character over the time, and you have one very challenging speed-developed game!