About This Game

PIXELSPACE was created entirely on my own in just 48 hours for Ludum Dare 18. Under the rules, all content (code, sound and graphics) had to be created within the time limit, and the given theme for the event was "Enemies as weapons".

You play as a white pixel defending yourself against incoming infected green pixels. You do this by shooting them down or by guiding them to crash into each other (the latter having the chance of an ammo drop, hence "enemies as weapons"). Coming into contact with enemies will cause damage, but you have the ability to regenerate health at a rate determined by your accuracy with your weapons.

3 more days of development later, PIXELSPACE EGP Edition was born! Made for the Experimental Gameplay Project with the theme "Zero Buttons", it requires exactly that - zero buttons - to play! Health regen now decreases over time, enemies are easier to crash into one another and the game is generally more balanced.

For more information, please see the Ludum Dare entry page or the davecheesefish Games Blog LD18 tag.