About This Game

Scramble is a word-finding game based on a randomly-generated grid of letters. It incorporates two game modes, each offering a different challenge...

  • Normal game - You have a limited time to get as many points as possible: Only the best get on the high-score board!
  • 100 point dash - Get 100 points as quickly as possible: Your time is what counts here!

Click on any letter in the grid and it will turn gold - go on adding more letters to your word, turning each one gold as it is selected. The catch? Each letter you add must be horizontally or vertically next to an already gold letter! Submit the word and it'll be checked against the in-game dictionary before the points are dished out. Before long, you'll be finding words snaking their way around the board! Featuring seperate high-score boards for each mode and a new experience every time thanks to the random game board generator, Scramble will keep you word-hunting for days!